the tournament

About knollenkamp

The Commission.

The Knollenkamp committee is a fun gang of fanatic hockey players, where everyone contributes. The crew consists of Maartje (chairman), Jim and Matthijs (facility), Carlijn and Thomas (supporting), Margot and Lieke (purchase). Of course there are many more important volunteers who help us with specific matters and support us on the weekend itself. This allows us to ensure that everything is top-notch again every year! We, as a committee, learn over the years how this tournament can get better and better and we use this to make it an even greater weekend for the following year. We therefore hope to see you next year, to make it a super tournament!


Beertray competition

At Knollenkamp, ​​each team brings its own beer tray, so that the drinks can be creatively collected. Challenge the other teams in this competition for the title: “the most creative beer tray of the weekend!”


Let your team shine at its best on the field with a cool team outfit. In addition to your amazing outfit, we do expect you to be safely on the field with shin guards, bit and stick (you can possibly borrow it from us)!


On Saturday evening everyone comes dressed in the weekend theme, with this year ‘Welcome to the jungle’! That means you can take your jungle outfit out of the closet and it’s going to be crazy animal party 😉