• 20:00 – Meet ’n greet with a drink!
  • 20:15 – Start of the party!


  • 9:00 – breakfast
  • 10:00 – opening tournament
  • 12:30 – lunch buffet
  • 13:30 – matches
  • 16:00 – barbecue
  • 20:00 – Themeparty


  • 9:00 – breakfast
  • 10:00 – matches
  • 12:30 – lunch buffet
  • 15:30 – finals
  • 16:15 – award ceremony


  • Tournament
  • 2× breakfast
  • 2× lunch
  • Barbecue
  • 2× party with a DJ

Not included

  • Overnight stays
  • Consumptions


  • €520,- for a team up to and including 13 players
  • €40,- for every additional player
  • Children who join for diner: €10


  • Coins cost €2,50 each and can be bought and returned during the entire tournament for drinks, snacks and food.


  • We ask each team to pay a deposit of € 150 at the latest by the end of April.
  • Tip: while you’re  busy anyway, look at the “prepay” option!


  • The tournament money can be paid in cash on Saturday at the tournament itself or the amount can be transferred in advance to:

NL73RABO0129.693.367 t.a.v. HHC Haackey o.v.v. Knollenkamp + teamname

Save by paying in advance

  • For this years early birds there is the possibility to transfer the entire tournament fee in advance, until the 30e of April, and thereby receive a 5% discount on the prize. And those are a few more drinks!

Overnight stays

It is not possible to spend the night on the HHC Haackey terrain.However, there are the following accommodation options at crawl distance:

– Camping Stien ͛n Boer:
– Camping Scholtenhagen:
– Hotel Erve Bruggert:

At the Knollenkamp event, a strict zero-tolerance policy is in place regarding drug use, emphasizing the health and safety of all participants. Security checks at the entrance will be intensified to ensure compliance with this rule, and the organization relies on the cooperation of all attendees to maintain a positive and secure atmosphere. Together, they aim to preserve the Knollenkamp event as a festive gathering without the risks associated with drug use.