H.H.C. Haackey presents:

    Knollenkamp 42th edition

    28 / 30 june 2024

Meet Knollenkamp!

The best tournament

Haaksbergse Hockeyclub Haackey  has been organizing an international hockey tournament for mixed senior teams for 40 years now!

At this tournament, fun, party and hockey are the essentials. We start the weekend with a smashing party, the next day we step onto the hockey field , followed by a delicious barbecue and a closing theme party, to end the Sunday with the final rounds.

What makes this tournament so unique is that young and old see each other here again every year to make it a unforgettable hockey weekend!  Do you also don’t want to miss this next year? Then gather a nice group of people and join!

in het kort



Vrijdag: Meet en greet met een drankje en warming-up party


Zaterdag: Ontbijt, start toernooi, lunch, wedstrijden, diner en thema feest.


Zondag: Ontbijt, wedstrijden, lunch, finale en prijs uitreiking.

What do we think about this tournament


What can I say about this Hockey Tournament? This event happens in the town of Haaksbergen at HHC Haackey. We have been attending this tournament for many years and  have found everyone to be friendly and welcoming. A relaxed weekend that embraces all abilities, which our team can shows every year. A mixture of social and hockey ability result in a great weekend with great memories  that always leave us laughing and smiling.

Swanage– Since 1994

For the first time as a team, we participated in “bronstige beertjes” at Knollenkamp in 2019. We were asked to tell what our first impression was of this hockey tournament. Well that’s easy, it was a great weekend! The entire clubhouse was nicely decorated in the Après-ski theme and a lot of effort was put into this. The atmosphere was very good because every team did come for a beer. And the buffet on the Saturday night was very tasty and continued well so you didn’t have to wait long for the food. In short: we had a great time and will definitely be present again next year!

Bronstige Beertjes – Since 2019

Knollenkamp is the hockey camp that we Hartendiefjes look forward to every year! It is a camp where a lot of hockey, beer and fun comes together! It is always arranged down to the last detail with a fun theme in which we as hartendiefjes always enjoy participating in the evening! We are already looking forward to the next weekend, the herds come from different points of the country and even from France to participate in this TOP tournament! Many ♡♡♡ for this camp!

Hartendiefjes – Since 1983

Join us!